They call me the admin ninja...

Hello and welcome! I’m Jane - Founder of The Online PA, award-winning Virtual Assistant and self-confessed admin geek. I'm here to lighten the load, expertly and efficiently, so that you can focus on growing your business. 

In today's modern world, you need an assistant who understands your business needs - on demand and on the go. Over 15 years of combined executive PA, office management, senior administration and HR administration experience makes me well-equipped to provide you and your business with exceptional, flexible support.


Think of me as your linchpin of support, blitzing through the jobs that you just don’t have time (or want!) to do, giving you the peace of mind that your tasks are in safe hands and the freedom to focus on what matters most. I'm a stickler for producing impeccable work and I just love multi-tasking and meeting deadlines. I'm also a firm believer of that old adage - if you're going to do something, do it properly!


Based in Bristol, I work remotely as a virtual assistant for clients throughout the UK. I'm professionally insured, use the latest technology and pride myself on offering an outstanding and bespoke service to my clients.


As my assistance is solution-focused, I will help to improve the efficiency of your systems and processes, so that you can make better use of your time and focus on the bigger picture. And because I am a trained PA and admin specialist, I will carry out your tasks in quick-smart time, giving you a great value service overall.


Who am I personally? I have a passion for all things health and wellness, believe that kindness is a super-power and absolutely love supporting others whilst they are achieving their professional dreams.


I look forward to working with you!

Your very own personal assistant, sans hassle.

Lighten the load - work smarter. Makes sense, right?

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