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Want to increase your productivity? Check out these brilliant apps


How can I manage my time better?⁣

It's something I often get asked and whilst there are ways I can help better manage your time and schedule, there are things you can implement to help too.⁣


The first trick? Work out how long certain tasks ACTUALLY take. An app like will help you time your day - to - day tasks so you can schedule the right amount of time in the future.


Let's face it, things always take longer than we think they will! 🤦‍♀️⁣


Scheduling tasks for the coming days, weeks, months or even years is an important part of running a business and home and there are so many ways you can do it.⁣


Project management systems can seem daunting but I promise they can actually make managing tasks simpler! I often help clients get organised using Trello. This app is actually free, which is always a bonus and might be worth a quick look if you feel like you could do with a new way of doing things. You can get those tasks listed with due dates so that it reminds you, rather than you remembering you've not done something when lying in bed at 1am!⁣


Making day to day tasks as easy and time efficient as possible is my number one priority and one of my favourite pieces of software is Dropbox.


If you don't already back up your files - make the steps to do it this week! Something like Dropbox is ideal for backing up your files online and also allows you to access them from anywhere (perfect if your laptop breaks, you want to get files on your phone or share files with others).⠀


Dropbox even has paid plans that include more features such as collaborative workspaces, showcasing and team management which is ideal if there is more than one of you.⠀


It's my go to and I regularly use it to share files with my clients as well as organise and manage my own work.