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When Did You Last Press Pause?

Constantly on the go? Feeling frazzled by your ever-increasing to-do list? 🤯. We’ve all been there, right?!

I adore my work as a Virtual Assistant, but I always make sure to schedule in some relaxation time. Whether that’s meeting a friend for a coffee and catch up in Bristol, a spot of Yoga in Portishead or a sunny afternoon spent chilling at the park.

And I really do mean schedule. If you find it hard to switch off, try popping some downtime in to your diary and make sure to protect that time as though it were an important meeting. You need to look after you, too!

It’s not always easy to find time to relax, however your emotional wellbeing is so important. It sounds so simple, but it's something that many of us are guilty of neglecting due to hectic modern lives. Time to just 'be' will benefit you in every aspect of your life and make you feel fresher for your busy working day. It certainly helps me to deliver a fantastic service to clients of The Online PA 😊.

So quick, go block out some 'you time' in your diary and practice being kind to yourself! 🙏

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