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4 Ways Hiring A Virtual Assistant Will Make You Money

Running a small business is hard; you’ve got a thousand things to do all the time, you’ve got clients and customers to keep happy, you’ve got marketing to do, and there are all those little tasks that come out of nowhere but need your attention. There’s just never enough time in the day. Sure, you feel like a real entrepreneur (everyone told you it should be like this) but it’s become too much. You need help.

But hiring someone is either out of the question or feels like a big risk – enter the Virtual Assistant; someone you can hire remotely for just the work you need doing. If you’re still on the fence about how hiring a Virtual Assistant will change your business (and likely your life), read on for four ways a Virtual Assistant will help you make money.

1. The Biggie: You Can Spend More Time Making Money

All those little tasks pile up and replying to client emails or filling orders has to take a back seat to get them done. The problem is, while they need doing, they aren’t actually making you money. Wise entrepreneurs will tell you: you should only spend time doing what you’re good at and what moves the money needle, and outsource everything else. When you hand that all over to a Virtual Assistant, you can spend more time moving that needle.

2. They’re More Efficient Than You or a New Hire

Many Virtual Assistants (including me!) have years of experience under their belts in corporate roles. They’ve figured out the best ways to get the work done. If you were to hire someone of the same calibre full- or part-time it would cost you a huge amount of money. When you hire someone inexperienced you’ll need to spend time training them and even more of your time will be lost.

3. VA’s are often Multi-Skilled

What do I mean? Well, they are often capable of much more than just handling some email or research tasks. Many Virtual Assistants also have marketing or design skills and will do what’s best to bring in more customers – without you having to outsource to an agency.

4. They Aren’t on Your Payroll So Are More Cost-Effective

The costs involved with hiring someone yourself can make your jaw drop – especially if all you’re looking for is a few hours of help a week. When you hire someone you need to account for payroll (which is a big task in itself), taxes, benefits, set hourly or yearly salary, and maybe even premises for them to work in (and the insurances that come with that). If you want to start small and scale, it’s almost impossible if you hire immediately.

If you’re ready to grow your team but need a cost-effective and risk-free solution, hiring a Virtual Assistant is a no-brainer. If you’re looking for a highly experienced VA based in the UK (local to Bristol), you can find out more about my services here.